Committed to the success of our clients.

Miguel Neiva

General Manager

Jorge Rodrigues

Operations Manager

Vânia Silva

Quality & HR Manager

Daniel Silva

Planning and Procurement Manager

Susana Monteiro

Sales Consultant

Elsa Cunha

Sales Consultant

Eduardo Von Hafe

Sales Manager

Jorge Freitas

Key Account Manager

João Marques

Supply Chain Manager​

José Jacinto

Technical Manager

Ricardo Santos

Technical Design Consultant

Catarina Correia

Technical Consultant

Carlos Sá

Planning Assistant

Carlos Cruz

Planning Assistant

Paula Moreira

Procurement Assistant

Susana Ferreira

Financial Manager

José Morais

Accounts Consultant

Ivo Dinis

Production Coordinator

Tiago Almeida

Production Coordinator

António Carvalho

Maintenance Coordinator

José Carlos

Assembly Coordinator

Frederico Alves

Logistics Coordinator

Marco Mendes

IT Manager