José Jacinto

Technical Manager
I’m José Jacinto, better known as JJ, and I belong to the technical department. I spend my days having fun searching for ways to develop and improve VINCO’s products to deliver technical solutions capable of meeting and satisfying our customers’ requirements. Persistence, resilience, and critical thinking are the characteristics I value the most and strive to apply to achieve VINCO’s objectives. As a VERY dreamy person, my goal is to expand the range of products, currently ball valves, by introducing other types of valves for control, safety, or other purposes. As someone I value and who has helped me growing professionally here once said, I have first to finish defining the range of ball valves to get permission to start thinking about other products. So, all that remains for me is to use all the persistence, resilience, and critical thinking I can for this project to obtain the desired authorization to start new projects. Let’s do it!