Miguel Neiva

General Manager

I’m Miguel, currently the general manager at Vinco. Over my 15-year career, I’ve had the opportunity to explore various areas, gaining comprehensive knowledge and a holistic view of the business.

I began as an operations manager, dealing with day-to-day production challenges and optimizing processes for efficiency and quality. This experience helped me develop skills in team management and continuous improvement.

Later, I transitioned into the commercial field as a marketing and sales manager. I improved my negotiation skills, established strategic partnerships and pursued growth opportunities. By focusing on results, I drove sales and expanded the customer base, solidifying Vinco’s market presence.

Today, as the general manager, I bring a wealth of experience from these different areas. My diversified professional journey has provided me with a broad business perspective and equipped me to strategically tackle challenges.

I am excited about the future opportunities that lie ahead for Vinco and I am committed to contributing to its continuous growth.