Jul 31, 2023

Vinco’s extensive experience in electropolishing

Electropolishing is an electrochemical process that enhances the process surfaces of metal components, improving the performance of material properties such as corrosion resistance. Electropolishing can be defined as the reverse process of electroplating (galvanizing or zinc coating) because, instead of depositing material, it removes small irregularities from the surface of the parts in a non-detrimental amount.

One of the benefits of electropolishing compared to other finishing methods, such as mechanical polishing, is the homogeneous removal of material across the entire surface, resulting in a more uniform and consistent roughness finish and a smoother, brighter, and more mirrored appearance. It also achieves higher levels of passivation in stainless steels, particularly in austenitic steels, by removing passive oxide layers that form on the metal surface, restoring corrosion resistance and improving the material’s durability.

Vinco´s extensive experience in electropolishing in pharmaceutical industry floating valves has enhanced the process to comply with the specifications of the ASME BPE Appendix H standard, with surface finish SF4 (0,38 µm/ 15 µin), which guarantee the quality and compliance of the procedures used by Vinco.

Jose Jacinto

Jose Jacinto

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