Madalena Baião

HR Consultant

I’m Madalena, and I like to walk peacefully outside, listen to music, read, drive and other things that are difficult to do when you’re a mother of 2 children and a dog! Besides that, I love being a mother and having a good time with my family and friends!
With some years of experience in the administrative area, it was in Human Resources that I found the area with which I most identify, because I enjoy a lot contact with people.
People must increasingly be an important focus for companies and I intend to help Vinco adopt a positive work culture. It is important to motivate and contribute to the commitment of employees, obtaining a positive work culture, with a good organizational environment, that will certainly bring good results for the company.
All this good environment will be conducive to innovation and that is the future of Vinco, to innovate and always improve its processes and products, with everyone’s involvement!